Occupational Rehabilitation

Easec is regarded as specialists in the field of returning workers to work after illness or injury and provide targeted early intervention programs to address immediate needs. Our experienced consultants have a wealth of knowledge, skills and resources to identify barriers and find solutions that work to achieve safe and durable return to work. Our consultancy services are founded on best practice processes and our assessments and programs are based on the Biopsychosocial rehabilitation model.

Initial Rehabilitation Needs Assessment

An initial rehabilitation needs assessment is an assessment that is used to determine a client’s rehabilitation needs.  This assessment is completed by an allied health professional who is experienced in occupational rehabilitation, compensation, and return to work.  The goal of the assessment is to provide rehabilitation recommendations that will facilitate a return to work or return to activities of daily living following injury or illness.

Return to Work Facilitation and Case Management

Easec provides targeted return to work facilitation services by specialised allied health professionals. Suitable duties are identified from the workplace assessment and return to work programs are formulated which are individualised to the workers needs. This comprehensive approach targets safe and durable return to work. Programs may include graduation of work hours, tasks, or demands, and are focused on full recovery by remaining at work or returning to work.

Workplace Assessment

Our workplace assessors are highly qualified and experienced, and quickly identify issues within a workplace that may pose a barrier to returning to work. We have a problem-solving focus and provide a comprehensive assessment of all workplace factors (physical, cognitive, and psychosocial). We complete a holistic evaluation of the workplace, and include ergonomic and environmental factors, work organisation, and allocation of work tasks and workload. Our workplace assessments include an interview with your worker, supervisors and managers as necessary; evaluation of work capacity; identification of suitable duties; and analysis of biopsychosocial factors impacting the return to work process in order to prepare successful return to work plans.

Ergonomic Assessment

Our ergonomics experts provide a range of services to address the safety of work areas and environments with regards to ergonomics: Matching the work environment to the worker’s needs. This can include workstations or immediate work areas, manufacturing lines, work vehicles, and equipment being used. We are experienced across all areas of industry, from a home office environment for one worker to a large manufacturing plant covering multiple workers and work areas. We tailor services required to your specific needs.

Suitable Duties Programs and Graduated Return to Work

A suitable duties plan is a written rehabilitation document that details all restrictions that will need to be implemented to ensure a safe return to work after injury or illness. The suitable duties plan is usually four weeks in duration, and gradually increases the work demands in line with injury recovery and rehabilitation outcomes. Once developed, a formal suitable duties plan will provide all relevant parties with a contract documenting the terms and expectations of an employee’s return to work rehabilitation outcomes.