Workplace Wellness

It is well known that workplaces who have positive, wellbeing cultures and who prioritise mental and physical health have better engagement, reduced absenteeism, higher productivity, greater staff morale and higher job satisfaction. Easec specialises in providing effective injury prevention, wellness and workplace safety services, and is well recognised for our achievements in this area. We work closely with businesses and organisations to support your most valuable business asset: your workforce. Our services can be provided as assessment and consultancy services, individual counselling or group workplace-based training services.

Mental Health in the Workplace

Easec has an expert team of psychologists who work closely with employers to help eliminate and minimise risks within their workplace to workers’ psychological health. We actively promote and train workplaces in the use of the “Mentally Healthy Workplaces Toolkit”, an initiative of the Queensland Government. We are experts at developing workplace resilience, wellbeing and positive mental health capabilities. We work with you to help recognise the signs of psychological stress / distress; provide early intervention tools and prevention training; assess psychological and psychosocial risks within your workplace; and build the knowledge, capabilities and skills of your workers to facilitate positive mental health cultures and achieve a psychologically safe and healthy workplace. Our highly qualified team also aid employers to support recovery at work with workers who struggle with a psychological injury, illness or condition to achieve safe and durable return to work for them.

Ergonomic Assessments

Our ergonomics experts provide a range of services to address the safety of work areas and environments with regards to ergonomics: Matching the work environment to the workers’ needs.  This can include workstations / immediate work areas, manufacturing lines, work vehicles, and equipment being used. Our consultants are experienced across all industries, from home office environments for one worker to large manufacturing plant covering multiple workers and work areas. We tailor services required to your specific needs.

Task Analysis / Job Dictionaries

Easec is an expert in completing task specific analysis of work to accurately identify the physical, functional and cognitive demands of a specific task, sequence of tasks, or position that workers need to perform. Analysis includes the equipment, machinery and tools that workers use for each task, and the way these are handled and manipulated throughout completion of the task. Task analysis can be used to match the capabilities of a worker to the task, assist with injury prevention strategies, and document job dictionaries to help formulate suitable duties and graduated return to work programs. When there is a good match between peoples work and their abilities to perform that work, there are not only benefits for the worker, but also the employer, their insurers, and the wider community, both social and economic.

Expert Consultancy Advice on Equipment, Modifications, Workplace Design

The design of a workplace, equipment used within it, spaces available and how they affect our interaction with them can make a huge difference to improving not only workplace wellness, but also injury prevention aims. Easec has expert ergonomists and occupational therapists skilled in workplace assessment and redesign.

Manual Task Training

Workplace injuries increase when workers do not understand the specific task or movement they are required to perform. Our manual task training supports employers to teach these functional skills specific to the job role. Easec’s Manual Task Training includes:

  • Observation of your workplace tasks and the people performing them
  • Development of specific programs targeted at risks associated with your industry and as identified from observation of the tasks
  • Onsite and on the floor education (wherever possible). Where not possible, simulation of work tasks is undertaken
  • Training is interactive and participatory by your employees and includes participatory risk assessments.
  • Education on maintaining physical and psychological health to encourage good fitness to perform the job role.
  • Education on safe work postures and procedures
  • Assisting management to identify and work with workers that could be at risk of injury.

Stress Management in the Workplace

  • Programs are targeted at managers, supervisors and workers
  • Management/supervisor training programs educate on how to identify workers who are exhibiting signs of stress
  • Educates managers/supervisors on how to approach and manage these workers
  • Provides guidance on how to avoid escalation of symptoms and progression to stress claim
  • Workers stress management programs help individuals to identify when they are at risk of developing stress symptoms, how to manage these and how to prevent escalation of symptoms.

Participative Ergonomic Consultancy Services

  • Incorporating ergonomic principles into your workplace helps to prevent the occurrence of workplace injury
  • By taking a participative approach to identifying ergonomic risk, workers are integrally involved in the entire consultancy and intervention process
  • Ergonomic audits are aimed at identifying ergonomic risks within your business, whether it be individual work stations, or factory production lines
  • Intervention is focused on improving productivity by recommending and implementing sound ergonomic principles
  • Assessments can be conducted of the entire workplace ergonomic environment including workplace/station design; seating; space requirements; and individual anthropometric requirements.

Easec Resources

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