Injury Management

Easec specialises in delivering injury management services to optimise function, participation, and/or return to work. We are an accredited rehabilitation provider under Comcare, approved on the Workcover QLD panel of preferred providers, and a preferred provider to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. Our practice is founded on the best practice model developed by WorkSafe Victoria, “The Clinical Framework for the delivery of health services”.  This framework supports healthcare professionals to provide the right care at the right time to individuals with a compensable injury. We utilise these best practice principles to ensure we are accountable for the provision of effective, holistic, empowering, goal focussed services in line with best practice guidelines. Our injury management practices are based on the Biopsychosocial model of rehabilitation and incorporate a holistic assessment and program development process to ensure all areas of a person’s wellness are considered in the management of their health and wellbeing.

Complex Case Management

Easec has a strong reputation for the successful, effective case management of clients with multiple and complex needs. We employ experienced health professionals who have a passion for supporting people’s recovery and return to work after injury or illness and who get results. Each client is unique, and we assess and identify their specific needs. Each organisation also requires different responses and services to meet their requirements. Easec specialises in facilitating communication to provide a coordinated process to ensure the right interventions are provided at the right time for clients. Using holistic case management incorporating all physical, psychological and psychosocial needs is aimed at early, safe and durable return to work and/or life activities.

Adjustment to Injury / Illness Counselling

The changes to a person’s life can be significant after injury or illness, and coping with these changes can be difficult, evoking mood related symptoms and anxiety. Early intervention in the provision of adjustment to injury counselling can moderate or prevent psychological impact by providing effective skills in the management of problems developing in a person’s life after illness or injury. Our experienced psychologists and counsellors teach self-management strategies to help cope with changes, provide alternate ideas around doing things, increase openness to options available and provide support during the rehabilitation process.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) and Work Capacity Assessments

FCEs and work capacity assessments evaluate a person’s capacity to perform work activities related to their employment and inform the injury management process. These assessments can be particularly helpful when someone has been away from work for some time or has sustained significant injury which may affect their ability to perform their previous work demands. Easec specialises in assessing the worker’s capacity to meet the demands of their role, or new roles in the workforce. Assessments can be tailored to specific job demands or generalised to assess a person’s exertional level (sedentary, light, medium, heavy, very heavy). Our highly experienced consultants compare an individual’s health status and body function and evaluate these with regards to their ability to participate in work.

Activities of Daily Living / Home Assessments

Easec’s Occupational Therapists (OT) are skilled at assessing a person’s function in the home with regards to performing daily tasks such as self-care, cleaning, cooking and gardening to aid determination of the level of support required to assist with their recovery. Our experienced OT’s assess people with the goal of assisting them to live as independently as possible, reduce the effect of impairment, manage risks of aggravation or injury in the home and reduce their reliance on home help services. A holistic assessment incorporating all medical, physical, functional, psychosocial and family impactors is undertaken and can result in the prescription of equipment, recommendations around home modifications, implementation of strategies to maintain independence and safety, or recommendations of home help services.

Medico-legal Assessment to Aid Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Claims

Easec has a team of expert professionals who can assist insurers with the complex determinations associated with TPD claims. Our TPD assessment team are skilled in interpreting and applying the requirements of differing legislations across the insurance sector and liaise closely with referrers to identify specific requirements of assessment on an individual needs basis.